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Rebecca Halpin


Height: 5'0"            Weight: 110 pounds

Hair: Brown           Eyes: Blue-green


"The Big O"

"Summer's End"

"Pitter Patter"

"Jesse's Girl"

"The Southaven Case"


"Law & Order: SVU"

"Evil" (webseries)

"Asleep with the Angels"

"Rescue Me"

Leah (Lead Role)

Ashley (Lead Role)

Ariel (Lead Role)

Izzie (Lead Role)

Janet Russell (Lead Role)

Melia (Lead Role)

Phoebe Inman (Co-Star)

Blank Spaces (Supporting)

Sarah Carson (Supporting)

Wheelchair Victim (Under 5)

Prestidigitize Prod. (dir. Danny Isaacs)

DP Edd Lukas

Dir. Joshua Sachs

Dir. Matthew  T. Price

Dream House Marketing, Int’l.

EPA/TNRCC, Driver’s Education

NBC (dir. Matt Earl Beesley)

Dir. Matt Stokes

Dir. Matthew T. Price

FX Networks

New York Theatre

"The Best Party Ever"

"Cocus and Doot" (Suzanne Bradbeer)

"The Snow Queen" (Bill Solly)

"Paradise" (Glyn O'Malley)

"Top Girls"

"Cloud 9"

"Blood on the Cat's Neck"




Sarah (Lead Role)



The Girl (Lead Role)

Dir. Annie Ward

Vital Theatre Co. (Mark Armstrong)

The Triad Theatre (Igor Goldin)

Center Stage Productions (John Moser)

Stella Adler Studio (Lisa Rothe)

Stella Adler Studio (James Tripp)

Playwright’s Horizons Theatre School

2010 - present

2010 - present

Regional Theatre

"The Vagina Monologues"

"A Christmas Carol"

"Hay Fever"


"The King and I"

"Wait Until Dark"

The Flood/My Short Skirt

Claire Fezziwig



Princess Ying Yaowlak


Camden People’s Theatre, England

Alley Theatre

Denney Theatre Company

Greene Family Teatron

Theatre Under the Stars, Music Hall

Theatre Southwest


“Buffalo Wild Wings” (3 spots)
“LADOT FasTrack”

"AJU Miller Program Promo Video"
“YRG Yoga by Diamond Dallas Page”
“” (spec)

“LARC - Hanging Out”
“L’Oreal Holiday Industrial”

Football Fan
Fly Girl #2

Cute Girl
Yoga Student


Bob Industries
Rockhard Films, Dir. Marc Klasfeld

Dir. Douglas Petrie

Diamond Dallas Page

Dir. Andy Nixon

Durami VMPC, LLC

Casey and June Productions

Voice Over

“Alfred Angelo Bridal”
“Get Shims” (dental device)
“Hot Wheels Wall Tracks – 2010”
“Hot Wheels Wall Tracks – 2011”


Dir. Anna Mastro/Alfred Angelo

Dir. Dennis Chung/Gabriel Zuniga

WSR Creative/Mattel/3M

WSR Creative/Mattel/3M

Training & Workshops

B.F.A. from New York University (Stella Adler Studio)

High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA)

Voice Over Workout Group
TUTS Humphreys School of Musical Theatre

Chris Wilson Studios (On Camera)
Beginnings Workshop (On Camera)
On-Camera Intensive Workshops/Classes
Private Vocal Lessons

Acting: Mark Hammer, Milton Justice, James Tripp, Ron Burrus, Philip Seymour Hoffman; Dance/Movement: Steven Cook, Joanne Edelman, Stephanie George, Joanie Evans; Voice: Angela Vitale, Robert Perillo

Robert Singleton, Suzanne Phillips, et. al.

Artt Butler (Voice Trax West)
Carole McCann, Larry Dachslager, Jonathan Charles, Chesley Krohn

Kate Revnell-Smith

Peter Sklar, Mike Reed,

Marci Phillips; Zach Galligan; Maggie Reed

Michael Mertz, Patricia Dell


* Mah Jongg *Gourmet Cooking; *Knitting; *Singing (Mezzo-Soprano); *Jazz, ballet, and modern dancing and choreography, *Accents/dialects (British, Southern, New York), *Improv, *Strong comedic timing, *Stage Combat I, *Driver's License, *Strong Organizational skills, *Local hire: NYC, Houston, Austin, Dallas

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